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Open Enrollment is a huge event that used to mean “let’s get the group together in one big room.” Although we can still do this, technology enables us to hold meetings online or create a client specific video that can be shared for those employees who do not have a typical 9-5 schedule. Managing employee benefits is not just Open Enrollment, it requires ongoing effort. Benefits Administration can feel daunting, from getting your new hires set up quickly to terminating benefits and issuing Cobra Qualifying event notices timely.

There are numerous advantages to having an Employee portal/HR intranet.  We pride ourselves on asking the right questions so we can offer methods to streamline HR functions for enrollment and administration. Enrolling, renewing and managing your employee benefits online is the wave of the future!

Considering Electronic Administration?  What can our robust benefit admin do for you?

  • Electronic Enrollments
    • Increase efficiency
    • Get new hires enrolled easily
    • No more tracking down paperwork
    • No more deciphering illegible handwriting
    • Employees could login and enroll in benefits with other family decision makers
    • Automatic reminders to those who have not completed their enrollments
    • One central location for all employees to view the Fringe Benefits Summary, each benefit’s plan Summaries, the SBC’s and the Employee Combined Notices
    • Mobile App Availability
    • Review benefits and plan details 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Benefit Elections
    • Coverage Comparison Feature for same benefit products (if more than one plan is being offered)
    • Existing Coverage during Open Enrollment (including cost) is available to view
    • Benefit Summary to view costs allows you to adjust enrollments to fit your budget
    • No more guesswork of rates for “Age Rated” plans
    • Slide-rule feature for Voluntary Life Ins products
    • More tools provided to assist with plan selections
  • Admin Features
    • Reporting functions
    • HR Access for anyone you wish
    • Analytics and reporting on your employee population
    • Very easy system to use and learn
  • Integration
    • Payroll
    • COBRA Administration
    • ACA form generation and e-filing (1094-1095)
    • Carrier Feeds

Streamline your processes, introduce your employees to self-service, and achieve the accountability that you’ve always strived for. Contact us for a demo today!

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